Something I sent to a friend about love

I think romantic love is a similar emotion to anger. It’s like a state of insanity. It makes you say and do things you would never do or say otherwise. Anger tends to hurt the people you’re angry with whereas all-consuming romantic love hurts you. I love love. Like I want my life to be all about love and service and caring for others more than myself but I think I have no room for that kind of all-consuming romantic love ever again.

things I want in a guy

First and foremost, I usually am against these kinds of lists. I always see them as checklists for what no human can measure up to. I also am a fan of not needing anyone, especially a guy, to fulfill me.

However, hopefully I will succeed in making this list different. This isn’t a laundry list of traits but rules I am absolutely TIRED of breaking for boys. Because who ends up getting broken hearted? Me. Also, I actually do want to find someone someday worthwhile and I won’t find him if I keep lowering my standards. 

I’m posting this because my wrist is broken and I can’t write in my journal (=death).

1. faith in Christ—- I have tons of close non-Christian friends and I will continue to do so. But dating guys who don’t understand such a personal thing as my faith is exhausting. Also, it would be so cool to share my faith with someone I’m in love with. A cool and unique connection.

2. single—- you think this wouldn’t be a problem but don’t hit on me when you have a gf I will hate you a little. I can hear all my friends laughing at this one.

3. faithful—- I always tell my friends that if you don’t want to be cheated on, date someone who would never cheat on ANYONE not just you as an exception. That way if hard times come, you can count on his character. No one deserves to be cheated on regardless of who they date, though. Don’t blame the victim. I’ve been there.

4. motivated/ambitious—- I have worked really hard to get where I am and where I’m going. This isn’t about money but about having dreams and going after them.

5. emotionally intelligent—- I am an emotional person. And I have a lot of emotional baggage. But take care of myself; I work on my issues. I refuse to allow the things that hurt me stop me from being a good friend, a good lover, a good citizen or a good lover of God. I will have bad days but I am working every day to get better. If I have someone in my life, I need them to take not only my emotions seriously but their emotions as well. Mutual RESPECT. Emotionally available.

6. family—- my family is very important in my life. A special someone in my life needs to get that, relate to it, and respect it. 

7. good with animals and children

Obviously, there are a lot of different things I want in a relationship. These just seem to be the ones I forget about.